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Subluxation kills. When a spinal bone becomes misaligned it is called subluxation. This causes compression, tension, irritation and damage to the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls every function and healing of the body. When subluxation is interfering with the central nervous system, organs and muscles will malfunction. Symptoms and a diagnosis are sure to follow.

Experience Advanced Spinal Correction

We also offer advanced spinal correction in our Coppell office. This is an intensive corrective care program designed to address more urgent spinal misalignments and optimize spinal health. Patients who have traveled from all over the world for our intensives, have gone home within two weeks with powerful testimonials of their healing. If you are experiencing severe symptoms and facing a diagnosis, it is important that you get to the cause and ensure that your spine is not interfering with your nerve supply and ability to heal. Schedule an appointment with us to see if you qualify for our Intensive Spinal Corrective Care program.

Why Choose Us:

  • Personalized Treatment: We don’t guess, we test and take x-rays. Then we design a care plan that is specific to your spine. We track and measure your results throughout your care.
  • Expert Specialists: Our chiropractors are highly skilled and experienced in providing exceptional care for patients of all ages. Our doctors have many specializations including chiropractic neurology, pediatric and prenatal care.
  • Proven Results: Thousands of patients have experienced transformative healing through our specialized chiropractic services in the DFW metroplex. Come see our miracle wall displaying many of our patients who have overcome serious illnesses while under our care.
  • Global Recognition: Our Advanced Spinal Correction treatments have garnered recognition worldwide, attracting patients from around the globe.

You have to lose 40% function before you have your first symptom. So, if you’re suffering from pain, loss of mobility or overall diminishing well-being, you may be subluxated. Take the first step towards better health! Contact us for exceptional chiropractic services in the DFW metro area and experience the transformative benefits of spinal correction.

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